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Forests hide things from us sometimes, until we take the time to look. Early on in my photography life I fell under the spell of the Kingdom of the Fungi. Hiking with me is impossible unless you can also happily spend time with what I call the Time Sucking Mushroom Log. Or stump in this case.

These beauties were at Bradford Bog in NH and I just couldn’t resist. They’re a good example of the constantly changing mushroom taxonomy and have been named Inocephalus quadratus, entoloma quadratum, nolanea quadrata, entoloma salmoneum, nolanea salmonea. Phew.

I tried to include some of the trees in the background because they echoed the shapes of the mushrooms. The trees reaching to the sun and the fungi reaching to spread its spores. Even the pine needles seem to be reaching to the sky.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does it speak to you about the woods without actually show it much?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld while trying not to sink into the bog too much and ruin its delicate structure.

mushrooms in NH

Lightroom for a little crop and white balance correction. The usual white and black points as well as texture and clarity. Sharpening enhanced with Topaz Sharpen AI.


This is a really nice photo! I love the color, comp, and DOF. Looks a bit like a family standing on the forest floor. Well done Kristen!

Such a great image, Kris. I echo @scott_fenton that it looks like a family standing on the forest floor. I love how you included the trees in the BG that echo the shape of the mushrooms. Well seen and captured. It sounds like fun hiking with you unless one doesn’t have an interest in the little things along the way.

Thanks @scott_fenton & @Shirley_Freeman - I hadn’t thought of them grouped that way, but I see it now. Glad you liked it. It’s one of my favorite mushroom images.

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What an endearing photo. Your description of your thoughts on the photo are wonderful and enlightening. I think they look like parasols.

Wonderful, with great light underneath the caps! Ditto the above on the trees. Your subconscious made you do it!

I’m scrolling down through the posts trying to catch up (again) and see an orange ladybug just ahead… I’m visualizing a creative composite…