Forest light

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I’ve passed the spot many times on my weekend hikes but had to stop when I saw the light that morning.

Specific Feedback

I exposed for the highlights and lifted the shadows significantly in this image. Just wondering if it is just a bit too much.

Technical Details

1/6 f8 iso100. 62mm on full frame (24-105). Processed in LR . Primarily doge an burn to even out the exposure .

You handled the dynamic range well. Maybe the darkest darks could be lifted to reveal a little detail, but it may be just my uncalibrated display. Beautiful scene nicely composed.

Beautiful light and rays for sure, Nelson. I also think the vertical format emphasizes the lines of the trees perfectly. For my tastes I think you lifted the shadows just a touch to much on the middle tree and the one on the left. Just my opinion of course. Wonderful image! Glad it caught your eye this time.

Bryan, this is a wonderful image! It almost feels dreamy to me, as if I could wander into it and be lost in meditation, wrapped in the light, and protected by the trees. I guess that sounds a little corny. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s hard to express the feelings an image elicits sometimes!

Your composition works well, and the way you worked with the light and shadows really makes this image. The one thing I’m noticing (the longer I look at it) are the streams of white light. It almost seems as if you may have emphasized them a little bit more than needed. But, all in all, beautiful image that really captures the essence of the forest.

I really like the curve of that central tree and how it comes to the bottom. I agree that the darkness of the two big side trees should be lifted. Lifted in a way where the upper part of the curves adjustment is moved but the lower kept as is.

Forest light draws you into the life that surrounds it. I can smell the fresh clean air and the dampness and quite. A beautiful scene of the forest Bryan.