Forest Scene in B&W

This was from Forest Park in Portland, Oregon. Handheld ICM, with some fine lateral movement while predominantly moving up. The scene attracted me with some foreground smaller trees leaning to the left while the rest of the trees were straight. I hope the B&W treatment helps to give it a charcoal drawing feel.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

110mm, 0.8 sec @ f/9, ISO 100


I like this, David. I think B&W suets this photo well. I’m more drawn to ICM when I can tell what’s being photographed and I think I’m more drawn to tree ICMs. I was out a couple of days ago in a wildlife marsh area with the wind blowing like crazy. I saw this tall grass being blown in the wind and thought “I’m going to try taking an ICM shot”. I had no idea what I was doing, but I sure had fun. I like how the three main trees trunks join with other trunks at the top of the image. Very nice.

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It does have the feel of a charcoal drawing, David. I especially like the soft swirling lines in the trees. I’ve been to Forest Park a couple of times. It is a beautiful park and a great place to spend the day photographing. Lovely image.

I like this one, and especially that you show us that B&W is something to be used also for ICM images. I have to try that!

Love this one David! Great choice going with the monochrome.

Actually after viewing this a few times, I came back today and got a new impression. Even though this is black and white, I get the impression that the lighter/white areas are fire! Or at least some sort of glow, like from a fire; which is a strange impression given the absence of color here. Maybe the vertical streakin of the whites contribute to that as well.

No nits or suggestions! Well done sir!


Lovely and fascinating!! I can see where Lonn gets the impression of flames! I love how the trunk just left of center wraps around the other one!! Very effective as B/W!!

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@Donna_Callais, @linda_mellor, @Ola_Jovall, @Lon_Overacker, and @Diane_Miller thank you for the great comments. Much appreciated.

I was surprised to see the charcoal effect come out on this one and tried B&W on some other ICMs. Some looked great, others did not. So just another experiment in fun.

Thanks again,

Love this one David! The charcoal look is great. I would darken the whites in the BRC.
Hmmmm… Inspiring!!

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Lovely black and white ICM image David. Yes it has a charcoal like quality to it which I really like. Well done!

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