Ghost Tree w/Rework and in B&W

Thanks to @Alfredo_Mora and @Lon_Overacker for their helpful comments. Here are a couple of reworks.

B&W Version:

Updated Color Version:

Orignial Version:

Kinda fun. Varying the movement brought out just enough detail to identify a tree, while lending a bit of a ghostly feel to the scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated

Technical Details

100mm, 0.6 sec @ f/8, ISO 500. (Should have dropped the ISO to 100)…

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Hi David, another wonderful ICM image! I enjoyed the streaking movement. I’d like to suggest a color adjustment to remove some of the magenta in the upper portion of the tree. This may also work well as a black and white image.

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Hi David,

I like the vertical motion here and I especially like the blend, or bleeding of colors from greens to the tree in the botom 25% or so. Just my thought, but I don’t think this one needs the entire vertical length to have any impact. In fact I think there’s too much trunk which ties in to Alfredo’s comment about magenta color up top.

Just my opinion, but I think because this is a pretty standard vertical ICM, that it needs something to make it stand out. If mine, I would crop down to say a 4:5 ratio (still need to retain some vertical here.) and then I would totally elimate any color in the tree - to almost a stark white(ish) without losing the texture of the motion. I wouldn’t want to lose those colors and interaction at the bottom by going all the way to b&w, but I think a few tweaks could bring more impact.


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Thank you, @Alfredo_Mora and @Lon_Overacker, I took a break from this image and just came back to it. Not sure I have improved it, but here goes:

Here’s a B&W version:

Let me know if either of these are improvements, or if I should just toss it and move on to something else.


Perfect title! I think the B&W adds a lot to the idea of the title.
This is really cool, David.

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David, the reworked color image and monochrome version look great to me. Hard to pick a favorite but I would lean towards the black and white image. Nice work!