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Really love the lighting on this one Ben. Also the vertical lines of the trees contrasting the foreground and background make this a very pleasant image. Thanks for posting it.

Ben, I think the square format works great here, framing this intimate scene aptly in my opinion. The bright area in the background draws my attention nicely into the depth. All the lush greens convey the atmosphere of this spring day wonderfully to me.


The backlight is simply gorgeous here Ben. You have processed the color and luminosity of the backlit leaves perfectly IMO. And the arrangement of the trees looks well handled too. Now this is how you shoot inside a forest on a sunny day!!!

This is a matter of personal taste, but I have two suggested tweaks. Crop a small bit away from the bottom, I’d prefer to see the base of the trees closer to the bottom. And given how gorgeous the backlit leaves are, I think you could get away with adding more shadow contrast, taking the trees closer to full silhouette. i think this would make the backlit leaves look even richer.

Here is a rework reflecting my comments.

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Beautiful light and color. I took a look at Ed’s repost and prefer it as originally posted. Real nice work, Ben.

A splendid study in light and shade, Ben., with some gorgeous greens. Ed’s crop also works for me, but I like this a lot as is.

Gorgeous light and color Ben; a splendid find. I actually like both crops, but I think I prefer Ed’s slightly more. Excellent work.

I like the square comp and the strong design elements here due to the contrast and straight lines. I’m not sure if the black foreground is really helping though. I think if this were more focused on the trees that would be great.

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I like @Ed_McGuirk’s rework. There is a bright spot in the green area that’s probably not worth mentioning, but I would take care of that.

As Richard suggests, I think a crop that eliminates the ground would also result in a bold, graphic image. Good suggestion @Richard_Wong


@linda_mellor, @Igor_Doncov, @Richard_Wong, @Harley_Goldman, @Ian_Wolfenden, @Peter_Richter, @Ed_McGuirk, @ @Bill_Chambers. Thank you all for the comments, suggestions and thinking about my image.The image crop as suggested by @Ed_McGuirk is a good thing to the image. Making it more graphic is OK but was not my intention. And @Igor_Doncov if you mean by the light spot the somewhat white trees left to the middle. That is morning frost. Again thank you all for helping me making better images !

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