Fractal Fish

Ice in it’s many forms and sizes is always fascinating. Yesterday I went to Great Falls on the Potomac to see how much ice it had accumulated during our current cold spell. In addition some ice on the rocks in the middle of the falls, there were some fine sections of thin ice showing the optical effect called birefringence. I posted one view to Landscape yesterday (here) with this view found at a different location. I see two or maybe three fish heads… (7D2, 100-400 @ 100, 1/10 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod and polarizer) A polarizer is required to see this effect.


Another nice find! Not sure about the very top of the photo where the texture starts to change. The strongest elements are below that. Very interesting and unusual.

Holy cow! Does it really look like this? I certainly would never have guessed it was ice. I agree with Kristin about the top part of the image with all the white areas. Not sure it really adds anything.

Another stunning image, Mark - I agree with Kristen too, but the colours are superb. Where do you see the fish heads? Areas with the round “eyes”?

You have an amazing ability to find extremely creative images in ice. This is impressive!!!