Fractured Growth

This scene show both the fractured red rock of Utah and the uncanny ability of vegetation to thrive in seemingly trying conditions.

D810, 70-200mm

Yes, Harley, things growing in small rock crevices is always amazing, especially when they are moderately large trees. This view tells that story very well with the green trees and other plants set against the red rock walls. The variety of subtle colors both in the vegetation and in the stone look good here.

Hi Harley,

This imagfe shows the struggle between rock and trees in a relitively dry or xeric environment. Lighting is perfect…Jim

Harley, I really into this kind of scene. Very well seen and oh so beautifully rendered. The only suggestion I have is to add a very subtle vignette to just focus the attention.

Not a “wow” image thumbnail but very engaging details opened up. I would be inclined to crop the left to eliminate the brush/small plants so that the trees are isolated by sandstone and agree with Adhika on adding a light vignette to focus the comp.


A terrific nature story - pretty clear demonstration of perseverance of nature.

The detail, colors and processing in general are quite excellent. I think I agree with the idea of a slight vignette. I might even crop some off the top to emphasize those fine details a little more, but not sure if that would actually make it a better image. Quite excellent as presented.


I love vegetation at crazy places, and you found a nice example of it! The colors in the rocks are nice and soft, and they have really nice textures! I agree on adding a vignette.

I have always been amazed at how trees can grow in such places. This is beautiful, Harley. Lots of lines, shapes and textures to keep my gaze for awhile. Nicely done.

The composition feels static to me with equal spacing on both sides and above and below. It’s too centered in my opinion.