Frenzy - color

Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

Please share your immediate response to the image before reading the photographer’s intent (obscured text below) or other comments. The photographer seeks a genuinely unbiased first impression.

Questions to guide your feedback

I am purposely not wanting to say much about the image to avoid influencing your thoughts. So, your initial reactions? Any other thoughts of how you responded would be very helpful to me.

Other Information

Please leave your feedback before viewing the blurred information below, once you have replied, click to reveal the text and see if your assessment aligns with the photographer. Remember, this if for their benefit to learn what your unbiased reaction is.

Image Description

I spent last weekend on Padre Island (Gulf of Mexico), and despite the overcast/20mph wind weather, we had a great time. Not many people so we were able wander the beaches freely.

Technical Details

Handheld, cloudy skies and windy. Post processing included ACR for basic highlights/shadows and PS cropped from the right.

Specific Feedback

I am wondering if this photo works as an abstract for you? Is the B/W or color version more suitable? What are your feels about the emotional impact of it? How do you feel about titling abstract images? Not at all, as in “Untitled?” Or more of an illusive title as I’ve used here.
I did find Sarah Marino’s article about her definition of abstract subjects in nature here: if you are interested.
Any other thoughts/comments would be great.

I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.

Critique Template

Use of the template is optional, but it can help spark ideas.

  • Vision and Purpose:
  • Conceptual:
  • Emotional Impact and Mood:
  • Composition:
  • Balance and Visual Weight:
  • Depth and Dimension:
  • Color:
  • Lighting:
  • Processing:
  • Technical:

Linda, my initial reaction was one of tension. I also wanted to check my glasses since the images were fuzzy at first glance. :grinning:

I said tension because of the frenetic nature of the shapes and lines. The first appears like a charcoal art project to me and good study in tonal values. Of the two images, I prefer the first one because of the tonal relationships. I commend you for experimenting.

Did you start out with a luminosity mask or was this a multi exposure in the field?

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Thanks, Alfredo, appreciate your thoughts. In fact this is neither a multi exposure nor did I use a luminosity mask. The wind was so strong (25mph sustained with gusts beyond 30 - red flag warnings had been posted up and down the beaches.). It is a single shot with minimal post processing, except for the conversion to B/W.
Normally I prefer soft, gentle images, this approach seemed perfect for the subject.

The image was taken on the patio outside our room. We were fortunate to be facing west, opposite direction of the winds.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Linda, I find the black & white version easier on the eyes, not so much bright white. My first reaction was “wow”, as I just love palm fronds. You captured the graceful curve on the left that explodes in the center of the frame. I don’t see any changes to suggest. I like the grey vs white color of the exploding fronds. I think this image gets attention and causes one to look more carefully to see what is happening.

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Thank you @annlouiselyman. Since we don’t have palm trees here where we live, it was a special treat to live (and photograph) among them for a few days.

This is exactly what I was hoping would happen. I also prefer the B/W, just wanted to get different perspective on the two.
Thanks again.