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This year, for a change, I visited Utah in early October for fall colors. No problem in filling my memory card. I have never seen a color palette quite like this.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5Dsr, 400 mm, Lightroom


Really fine scene here. The bright yellows transitioning to deep gold looks natural and I like that you didn’t alter the faint greenish blue that aspens have in their trunks. It only gets noticeable when they are in groups like this and it’s a nice touch. That one little evergreen in the center looks lonely for the other one on the right.

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Bill, the mix of trees with leaves and trees without leaves is quite striking and well seen. If this is a crop, a bit more of the sage along the bottom would be good as the left half feels cut off. I see so many possible alternative views here, it easy to see how you’d fill a card.

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The details in the larger version are quite striking, Bill. I can see how it would be easy to fill a card with scenes like this beauty. I love forest scenes like these where there has been some leaf drop and you can see into the trees. Beautifully done.

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Thanks, Ed. I am beginning to prefer the post peak scenes over peak fall colors.

Mark, thanks for the suggestion. This is not a crop. However, I do have a number of different compositions at various focal lengths to consider. It is very difficult to choose which one I prefer.

Kris, I briefly considered an alternative color temperature, but came back to the camera default which was set to auto. I’m glad you like the choice.

This looks great, Bill. Great color, comp and layering. The white trunks contrasting the color is strikingly beautiful.

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Wow! This is gorgeous. The image has a beautiful, almost abstract feel to it. I love looking at the bare bones of the trees, and then you have the vibrant splash of colour. I like Mark’s idea of perhaps another version with a tad more room on the bottom sages.

With an image this good, I am sure you could find many more alternative crops.

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This is a gorgeous and wonderful image! The colors are lovely but the composition, with the dense trunks and the arrangement of trees with different amounts of leaves, is unusual and beautiful!

I’d love to see more!

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Fabulous image Bill. The texture of the leaves with the purplish brown and multiple shade of yellow/orange is exquisite. Well done!

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