Fruit Loop

This image was taken along the ‘fruit loop’ near Hood River, Oregon. This is a major fruit growing region and can be lovely in the spring when the trees are blooming…the dandelions were in full bloom, also, providing a nice foreground.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details


This is a very appealing landscape image Chris. I’m enjoying the wide expanse of yellow dandelions leading up to the pink flowering fruit trees, all very symmetrical too. For some reason though I miss seeing some sky or horizon in the distance, but perhaps that would have detracted from the rest of the scene.

@Jim_Lockhart Thanks, Jim. The sky didn’t do much for me. Just another flat, grey sky that we’ve been having for months.

Chris, the density of the dandelions is amazing. You’ve got a fine subtle pink glow in the fruit trees that is set off nicely by the dark evergreens in the back and the fresh green grass in between the trees. Yes, overcast skies with no texture are a problem in photos often best left out, they do however let the colors in the land show very well especially if you use a polarizer. You might burn in or even clone out that one small triangle of brighter sky near the center.

@Mark_Seaver thanks for your suggestions.