Gao Xingjian

I am posting this link as motivation for photographers who might be undecided in which direction to go or unmotivated to do so. I discovered Gao’s work last night and was blown away. There is no reason why his vision could not be expressed through a camera as well using basic forms in the natural world rather than processing software.


The music is also what makes this such an incredible presentation. Here is another video devoted the the music with work that’s likely from the same artist:

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Thanks, Igor! That whole channel looks interesting. It’s interesting how Gao Xingjian conveyed the mood of the tiny figures by their gestures. Seems a simple thing, but it takes artistry and an understanding of emotions.

His vision certainly resonates with me.

I thought it might. You, perhaps of all people here, seem to be exploring this type of vision with your work. In fact, I initially thought of mailing this link to you directly but decided it had value to all members.

What a great find, Igor. His paintings blew me away too. Some of them reminded me of Native American style paintings. Love how he represented humans. I’ve been thinking lately that I want to work on processing B&W images. It’s stunning when done well. Thanks for sharing.

WOW!!! I’m completely blown away by these paintings! I have obviously been living in a hole and didn’t know about him. And now I’m intrigued to explore his writings. Thank you so much for posting this!

Maybe NPN should have an area to discuss the wider world of art that can contribute to our growth as nature photographers, and take us beyond it.

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Thank you Igor. That was truly fascinating!