Robert Adams Photography

@Chuck Kimmerle brought up the work of this photographer. This video states much of what I believe in photography. To me it rings true even though I am seldom able to create such images. I think it’s worthwhile for NPN members to learn about Robert Adams work. It’s important to consider because it’s the antithesis of how most landscape photographers shoot. So there are lessons to be learned


Thanks for sharing this. I found out about NPN from Brenda Patrella’s Outdoor Photography Podcast. I really liked the way she and her guests consistently emphasize(d) meaning and self-expression over the spectacular but shallow.

#NotAllLandscapePhotographers I suppose?


Thanks for sharing this Igor, there are many sentiments in this video that resonate…

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After viewing the Robert Adams tape I started to think if I had ever taken images with his mindset. One came to mind. This was shot in 2015 and I kept it because I had a nagging feeling that it meant something to me in some way. I was driving down a country when I glanced to the right and felt a connection. For some reason this type of tree has that effect on me and I was glad to see that it also did for Adams. I can’t remember whether I thought those telephone poles were a nuisance at the time but now I’m really glad they’re there.

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Several months ago, I taught a class on American photographers that included Robert Adams. I recommend the book American Silence The Photographs of Robert Adams, published by Aperture and National Gallery of lArt, 2022.

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Thanks for sharing I so enjoy these contemplative works by photographers.