Getting started with macro, did we screw up insects?

Hello NPN.
I’ve been struggling a lot with getting into macro - there are just no butterflies and dragronflies nearby. I am in Berlin and already was in probably every park near and around the city - empty.
Do you also have similar thing in your area? Did we completely screw up nature or I just need to go further out of the city?
I was really hoping to use macro to fill in artistic cravings in between big trips.

Here in Pennsylvania we have a fair number of flies, butterflies and moths active at this time of year – some of which I’ve photographed already. However, insect populations have plummeted and there are many fewer than there were 2o-30 years ago. Bird populations in North America are said to be down by 30% for known and unknown reasons – one of which is the decrease in insects.

I grew up in an urban environment and there were a lot of insects there. Manicured urban parks aren’t the best place to find insects or birds, you need to go to a “messy” area, a garden with a lot of blooming flowers, or at least a place with long grass. Try sweeping long grass with an insect net and you should get a lot of insects to photograph.