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Part of an Icelandic glacier.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 1250, 100-400 at 400 mm, F8, 1250th, Sony A1, about 20% of full frame cropped.

I really like this, David. It looks like a big crack looking allowing me to look into the depths of the ice formation. Is the dark blue running across the center, water? I this this is just fascinating.

I love the aquamarine color… some suggestions I would have to improve it would be to eliminate that distraction at upper right; maybe eliminate the area with all the dirt… and really I think maybe getting closer and re-composing at a closer detail and barely including stuff outside the aquamarine would work too.

David, The blue and white colour combination creates a great mood. I would go more abstract with this and add more focus to the little ice ball. Well spotted and captured.

I would agree with Matt the dirt is a distraction and coming in closer would make a more powerful image. Good job

Beautiful blues in your image David. I agree with Matt and Andre about a closer composition would help create a more dynamic image. The ice formation is so fascinating.

Naturally abstract David! I too love the aqua color and I think you did well to frame that color and those shapes with the top and bottom ice.

Also would agree with others that perhaps a tighter crop would be even more abstract and more pointed. I think the dirt - which of course is 100% natural in the glacial environment, but for an abstract, pulls us more towards reality. No biggie really. the beauty of this category me thinks.