Glowing Elk

I captured this image in Rocky Mountain National Park on a morning drive through the park. Taken with a Canon 40 D. It was a small herd of elk in a glade just off the road. I just parked walked up to the side of the road adjacent to the elk, sat down and waited.

Rick, welcome to NPN. This is a good looking first post. Yes, the Elk in RMNP are very accommodating of humans and I’ve done exactly what you describe several times. This is a fine tight look at this young male, giving you a major stare. The glow around most of his body looks very good. There is a bit of noise, which might be reduced in raw processing and I think a bit more contrast in his face (darker darks) would look good. Having “visited” the Elk in RMNP multiple times, I can appreciate the pleasure in getting this shot.

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