Google Earth Pro - Any Users ?

I have used The Photo Ephemeris and Google Earth (Pro) for MANY years with no real issues. I have a vast database of mapped locations in the GEP version. This is an issue that only cropped up recently.
I’m having very fuzzy, useless, viewing of anything I search for on the GPE program. If viewing from 3000 ft. level you can kind of make things out. But anything zooming in below that starts increasingly getting uglier to a point of uselessness. I’ve done all the on line fix / test suggestions with no luck.
Not necessarily looking for a quick fix as much as if you use the latest version see if your program is working OK.
Thank you in advance for any outcome you have good or bad.

I found a work around, thankfully. After performing all the recommended repairs or updates I found a Youtube that solved the issue, for now.
Basically, the aerial images can be distorted. Which is what I encountered. The work around is there is a slider drop down on the top selection bar that allows you to backup to a date there was a cleaner image. Done Deal.

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