Gooseberry Falls

This is another picture I made this past week while I was on the north shore of Lake Superior. I have visited Gooseberry Falls several times and have always enjoyed photographing there. This is the middle falls of the three and is an early morning shot. After photographing the sunrise at the mouth of the river where it flows into the lake I headed back up river a bit to photograph these falls before all the fog lifted. Wasn’t quite as much fog as I had hoped for but still I really enjoyed the look. Photographed this falls in different conditions but think this one is a new favorite.
Open for any thoughts you may have on it. Thank you!
Canon 5DMK4, 24-105 f/4L @ 32mm, ISO 160, 1 sec at F/16.

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Exquisite, Nick. I have been to this fall a few times before my photography days. I really enjoy this image. How do I say this… The waterfall is not the star of the show but it is a very important element in the image. I really like the mist from the fall and the snow on the ground is like the cherry on top. Maybe I would crop from the left a little bit so the small black area is gone. I really like the rest of the image.

Adhika, Thanks so much for your comment on this and giving me your thoughts. That small dark area on the lower left bothered me some as well. Thought about cropping it out but then let it go. Probably should do it I guess. I didn’t really want to come in anymore on the left side but it would just be a small amount. So glad you like the image and Thank You!

Normally I would say the trees are blocking too much of the falls, but the strong leading lines of the roots draw me to the trees making them the main subject. The waterfall with the atmospheric mist is an added bonus to the scene. I didn’t even notice the dark area untill Adhika pointed it out. Doesn’t bother me.

I think @Adhika_Lie comment rings true for me. To me the star of this show is the tree, but the waterfall creates a wonderfully unique background for the tree. As a background the waterfall is not too busy or intrusive, and the mist it creates adds a wonderful mood to this image. Nice bit of photographic vision on your part, not many people shooting this waterfall would have seen this composition, you came away with something very different. I do agree with Adhika about cloning away the dark in the LLC.

Another variation on composition that I’d suggest is this, I think it makes the tree and the falls even more powerful. Cloning LLC included.

Thank you, Michael. Much appreciated!

Thanks for the kind words Ed. The crop does work nice. Thanks for taking time to show me that. I like the idea of cloning that dark LLC corner too. Cheers!

Nick, as the others already mentioned the tree is a really strong subject and I like that you made it the star of the show. I like the scene as presented but my alternate thought was to crop it from the right side as @Ed_McGuirk has suggested.

Very nice work Nick!

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Hi Nick - This is beautiful. The lines from roots to trees to water guide be through this image and I very much like it. Might see what it looks like with right side rocks cropped out. IMO there is plenty of interest, beauty and focus in the roots, trees and water that the rocks outside of the trees don’t catch my eye. Just a thought but still a beautiful shot.

I should have scrolled through the replies before I commented. I see Ed M. Posted a variation on the composition that is similar to what I was thinking. Cheers

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Ynez, Thank so much for your thoughts on this! I agree it works well with that crop. Cheers!

Nick, I think this is a great view of this location with your emphasis on the trees, their roots and the rocky stream bed, even as the falls makes the scene special.


A little late in commenting - trying to get back in to the swing of things, but have been wanting to comment.

I had pretty much the same reaction as suggested by Ed. If the scene is about the waterfall and surroundings, then I find the tree is blocking. But realizing the tree, roots and rock are the story, the waterfall becomes an accent. And with that since it’s not a wider scenic, I think cropping off the right insures the subject is the tree and not the broader landscape.


Thank you, Lon! I do like the crop that Ed did. Cheers, Nick