Green Darner pair

These two may just still be dating… From the last shoot at the pond, 2 days ago. (It thinks it’s a lake, but it’s a small one.) There are only a few accessible spots where I can get to a small sheltered cove with reeds, and it’s lucky if there aren’t fishermen there.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 6.00.02 AM

RF 100-500 lens. Shadows-Highlights in LR, and into PS for Topaz Denoise and removal of 1.5 reeds on the left. Cropped to 50% of original frame.

It’s softer than the last one, but I like how her legs are folded up and he’s hanging on for both of them. I guess he has to be a gentleman at least for a while. Good background for them though so nice that you chased them around.

Thanks, @Kris – eye AF was struggling here, for some reason. I meant to add that the gray smudges are ripples in the water. I think I should try to minimize them.

Diane, I love that you said they were just dating, too funny. You captured a behavior that probably isn’t often seen.