Dragonflies mating #3


What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All comments welcome!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

About an hour and a half after shooting the pair I posted yesterday, I found these two, on a different reed. Same rig: Canon 1DX2, 100-400 II + 2X at 800mm, f/14, ISO 1600, 1/640 sec. On a tripod using manual focus – f/11 was wide open and the camera will only autofocus to f/8. I managed to get closer this time – cropped from the sides only to 58% of the original frame. Minor toning down of BG elements. Topaz AI Denoise and Sharpen.

I can’t wait for summer to try the R5 and 100-500 + 2X on these little jewels. Getting enough magnification is always a challenge and I really think they get smaller every year. And I’ll be able to use AF!

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Diane, you really have captured some very nice shots, and this one is no exception. You did a great job with manual focus. Details are really great, and this needs to be seen in large view to really appreciate it. The R5 definitely ought to lighten your equipment load, but I sure don’t see how it can get better images than you have already accomplished with the 1DX2. Excellent! :+1: :+1:

Diane: Love must be in the air at your pond. The second image in the series is still my favorite but this is a close second. Well done. >=))>

Diane, this is another fine catch of mating DFs. As a minor point, I’d suggest moving the subjects a bit more to the left in the frame. From experience, I know that a view like this can go away quickly, but I wonder if you could have moved a bit to either side to chance where that oof stem falls in the frame.

Thanks guys! @Mark_Seaver, looking at the filmstrip, I shot several in hopes of getting one with the best focus, but all with the same composition, so I probably didn’t have leeway to move. This pond is very frustrating for limited and very small areas to get close to any action. And the shore is too steep for hip waders. I’d love to try a kayak.