Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It was a cloudy day and we were on the coast to photograph high waves.
This shot was taken at the same location from which I had already posted two pictures here.

It was simply some rocks that kept getting washed over by waves.

Specific Feedback

I liked the shape of this wave. So I cropped quite a bit to focus the image on this area.

What do you think? Is the image interesting enough for a standalone photo?
Is there anything you would change in post-processing?

As always, any feedback is very welcome.

Technical Details


LR for basic adjustments, additionally some texture, clarity and dehaze. Some contrast work in PS (including TK Lights Triple Play, which, by the way, I first learned about at NPN).

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Hi Jens,

It’s a beautiful water abstract. The shapes you’ve caught are very pleasing to the eye and the darker, central flows surrounded by the more luminous and chaotic flows has a strong presence. It is beautifully processed, and I think it is presentable as a standalone image. It will make a beautiful print!

The only thing I could possibly suggest is that the bottom may have little too much weight. I played with your image a bit warping and cropping very slightly, but am not sure. It’s tricky.

There’s precious very little in it and it’s very easy to ruin it… Just something to possibly explore, or just ignore…! :sweat_smile:

(I have adopted your excellent step to post both the original and my edit in the comment. It really makes sense :+1: )

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Hi Laura,
thank you very much for your feedback and your rework (It’s quite unusual to have someone from my time zone answering me here :rofl: ).

I will definitely play with some cropping and warping.

Yes, that is a good practice to show subtle adjustments. However, I did not invent this approach. I have also copied it from others. :rofl:

Quite the surprise hey?

Looking at it again, I think my rework looks boring really. It’s a very subtle thing, if anything at all…

And so… I continue the chain! :monkey_face::rofl:

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Don’t worry. There is no such thing as a boring rework. I’m glad you took the time.
The interesting information was that the bottom may have too much weight. So I can think about that.

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LOVE This! Right up my alley as these are images that I often seek out when I’m near a raging river (or any water for that matter…)

I specifically enjoy that you’ve isolated the one major wave or shape, or flow. I also see this as an “anti-vignette” in that it’s lighter around the edges and darker in the middle - the opposite of the standard vignette; of course this is all natural too - just an observation and certainly not a comment on luminosity around the edges or middle… :wink:

Honestly, can’t think of anything that might improve this. I suppose you could play with clarity/dehaze to achieve a different look in contrast and detaiil, but I think this works beautifully as presented.


Hi Lon,
thank you very much for your feedback.

“anti-vignette” is a good way to describe it. I hadn’t noticed it that way before.
Maybe I can enhance that slightly at the right edge. Thank you for pointing that out. :slight_smile: