Halfdome v27

When I go to National Parks I try my hardest not to make icon images.
I like this image because it is outside of the valley. A view I do not see too often.

Specific Feedback Requested

My issue is the banding I get in the sky. I have tried to mask and de-detail but that did not work

Technical Details

Lumx G9 converted with DxO


Wow, very unique view of Halfdome, Steve, I love it. Awesome.

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Thanks, David
Do you know the park?

Yeah the banding is kind of problematic for me as well. Not sure what you used to do the b/w conversion, but I find its easy to introduce artifacts in b/w work.


Do you know what is causing the banding in the sky? I did not notice it until it was mentioned.

I like this one quite a bit. To paraphrase Guy Tal’s book - this is ‘more than a rock’.