Haystack Sunset

Living close to the Oregon Coast, it’s easy to pop out there for an evening, which is what I did last Saturday night. It was warm and clear in the valley and on the drive to the coast. However, 2 miles from the coast, I entered a fog bank that reduced visibility to almost nothing. I thought “uh oh, the marine layer came onshore and there will be no sunset”, which is fairly common during the summer months along the coast. However, when I dropped in to Canon Beach, the fog parted and created this wonderful little opening for us to see the sea stacks and distant mountains.

This shot was taken after sunset (the marine layer killed any chance of direct sunlight during sunset). I left the color fairly untouched in this shot, only adjusting for contrast, haze and a little bit of warmth on the closest sea stacks.

Specific Feedback Requested

Whatever you feel like. I’m open to your reactions to the image and anything that may strike you from an editing perspective.

Technical Details

Fujifilm GFX50s
Fujinon GF100-200mm (shot at 145mm)
f/16, 17 seconds, ISO 100

Wow. That color is marvelous. A mixture of blue, violet, magenta, pink and a lot more. And those dark rocks really stand out from the hazy background. Love it.

This is being real, real, real nitpicky but I don’t like how that distant rock at the end is perfectly ‘embraced’ by the more distant rock behind it. I’m probably wrong on that but it’s my opinion.

Amazing quality of light in this image. I also like the progression from the texture and detail in the foreground sea stacks to the ever more softer layers. @Igor_Doncov’s observation about the rock embraced by the rock behind it is a bit distracting for me as well. I wonder if some dodging of the most distant rock would help?

Thank you @Igor_Doncov . I appreciate your comments. And yes, I think I agree with the little nitpick about the embracing sea stacks. You are not wrong. If I could have prevented that in the field, I sure would have. I couldn’t change my perspective enough to get any sort of separation.

Thank you @DeanRoyer . Good suggestion to try a little dodging on that. I’ll give it a go when I get back home again. I will say, with the fog/mist, it makes any dodging adjustments more difficult, so we’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

Very nice light on this one, John. Great comp from Ecola. Well done.

Thank you @David_Bostock . Despite the marine layer, the night managed to turn out pretty good. :slight_smile:


Just love the color here; love this time of day and conditions. Sure, a little hazy the further you go, but I like the clearer contrast and visibility of the stacks and sea up front.

No suggestions really, except for maybe a crop off the top. There’s plenty of space up top, all with the same color - mostly empty space. A crop towards a semi-pano view would echo the fog bank in the distance and might work as an alternate crop.

The issue/comments of the two rocks “embracing” doesn’t bother me and wouldn’t have noticed without the comments.

Thanks for sharing!


I was immediately attracted to this photo, as I spent 2 weeks last September searching for good light on the Oregon Coast. You captured some great light! Love the colors and the mood, and the ever present fog in the background.