Hens and Chickens

Hens and chickens unedited

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was taken in my sister-in-law’s nursery during a trip to Croatia. The colors and texture of the plant caught my eye.

Specific Feedback

Initially, I allowed the colors to remain intense, but it was too bright. I want feedback on processing an image like this to achieve a piece of impressionistic art.

Technical Details

Taken with my old Nikon D3000, handheld, f/5.6, 1/125 sec. I am guessing it was in auto mode. At that point, I did not understand exposure settings.
Processed in LR and PS. Filters used included Topaz Simplify and Impressions. I then used luminosity masks, selective desaturation, and blend modes to tone down the final effect.


Barbara, great job seeing potential in the plants. The final result looks great! I like the square crop. The earthy colors make the two leaves really stand out. The image looks like a watercolor painting to me and yes it looks like an impressionistic painting. I can see the semblance of brush strokes and layering of paint. You could try to introduce some cooler tones in the shadows and slightly desaturate the bright green leaf on the right.

@Alfredo Mora I am grateful for your comments. I toned down the bright leaves on the right and cooled the shadows as you suggested. I am much happier with the results. I am new to this and need all the feedback I can get. Thank you.

Hi Barbara,

This is a magnificent abstract! I love the circular movement in the image and there are just enough shapes to keep me grounded and not totally lost in the clouds of color. I also love the contrasts of pinks and greens, dark and light. Congratulations on a beautiful image!–Irene

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@Irene_Reti thank you so very much. I am just starting to play with ways to use my images and make them into abstract subjects. I have used textures and masked out backgrounds on many of my wildlife images to make them more artistic, but this is a new direction for me.

I really, really love your abstract. I have played around with them myself, using topaz to help, but sometimes I can’t let myself do the full on abstract filter for some reason. I may like the pix, but I have a hard time going with it, not thinking others will like it. Thank you for sharing, I really like it and you inspired me to try.

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Judi, thank you for your reaction. I understand what you are saying about wondering if others will like it. If you like it, that is what counts. I am trying to respect my reaction and have the courage to put it out for others to see. If the reaction is negative, then I consider it, but I try not to let it define me. That is my goal, yet to be obtained!

I so agree Barbara! At the end of the day we have to like our work. And art is so subjective. Some love abstracts, some simply do not. I try to open my mind and look at others art (evening paintings etc) even if I do not care for the style, I do try to find something I like about it. Sometimes, I end up liking it more than I thought. Or find just “the one” image that while again, I may not like the style, something about that “one” makes me really really like it. Its so fun, I love looking at others visions and ideas and creativity. Photography, digital photography, for me is so much more fun than film was. :slight_smile: Take care.

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That is so well said, Judi.

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Thank you. Sometimes feelings about art are hard to explain.

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