NPN Acronyms and Terms

Term Description
Burn Darken an area
Dodge Brighten an area
Acronym Description
ACR Adobe Camera Raw
AF Autofocus
BG Background
BOAS Bird on a Stick
BW or B&W Black and White
C1 Capture One
CA Chromatic Aberration
CAF Content Aware Fill
C&C Comments and Critiques
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black: The common color system used in offset press printing.
CPL Circular polarizing filter
DOF Depth of field
DVNP Death Valley National Park
EFL Effective Focal Length
EV Exposure Value - used as a measure of exposure compensation. 1 EV=1 stop
EXIF Exchangeable Image Format - descriptive data stored in an image file
FG Foreground
GND Graduated Neutral Density Filter
Grad Graduated Neutral Density Filter
HDR High Dynamic Range
HH Hand Held
HSL Hue, Saturation, Luminance
ICC International Color Consortium
ICM Intentional Camera Movement
IQ Image Quality
JTNP Joshua Tree National Park
LF Large Format
LLC Lower left corner
LR Lightroom
LRC Lower right corner
MF Manual Focus
ND Neutral density - a filter that reduces light intensity affecting all colors equally.
NWR National Wildlife Refuge
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OOF Out of focus
OP Original poster
POF Point of focus or Plane of focus
PS Photoshop
PSD Photoshop image file, file extension
PSB Photoshop Large File, file extension
RGB Red, Green, Blue: The common color system used to edit images.
RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park
SS Shutter Speed
TC Teleconverter
TIF Tag Image File, file type extension
TIFF Tag Image File Format
ULC Upper left corner
URC Upper right corner
YNP Yellowstone National Park
WB White Balance