My Croatian Feathers +reworked #2

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


My brother-in-law lives in Croatia and converted their home into a bed and breakfast. His yard is full of beautiful flowers. This feathery clump of what I think may be pink pampas grass captured my imagination.

Specific Feedback

General feedback on composition and processing would be appreciated.

My goal was to emphasize the grass’s soft, feathery nature.

Technical Details

It was taken with a Nikon D3000, ISO 200, f/5.3, 1/60 sec.

I used a watercolor filter to soften the details and then processed it in PS with TK9 filters to balance the colors.

I even outed the greens, as suggested by @Alfredo_Mora . Thank you for that observation. I hope I did enough.

I cropped this to center the colored area as per @Lon_Overacker 's excellent suggestion. I like it much better. Thanks, Lon.


This is gorgeous, Barbara. I love the flow and the color combination. Just the right amount of blur.

Thanks, @Dennis_Plank. The original photo wasn’t near as attractive because of all the detail.

Barbara, what a lovely photo you created. The amount of blur and color palette are beautiful.

Your feedback means a lot to me; thank you.

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Wow – this is perfection of a difficult technique! The soft colors are just right for the soft subject, with just enough detail to suggest the subject. I love the way the greenery at the bottom opens up to the flowers (or seed heads, apparently). Then they fold in toward a point at the top, which reveals a BG that repeats the base greenery. A great example of how well simplification can work for a busy or complex image.

Sounds like a wonderful place to stay!!

Yes, my brother and sister-law run a great bed and breakfast in a beautiful spot . I used TK9 color masking to cool the greens that were quite warm and bright. That is a great add on to PS.

Barbara, so dreamy! Lovely colors, soft light, and the framing is spot on. Great use of the watercolor filter which is not overdone. This looks like I’m viewing the flower through a rain drop.

My eye is drawn to the dark section of grass on the lower left. Perhaps you could even out the exposure there. Otherwise, this is a fantastic result!

Barbara, this is a lovely ICM! The colors are so soft, gentle. And just the little bit that you did at @Alfredo_Mora’s suggestion really made a difference for me.

Thank you, Susanna, I agree. It is what the picture needed.

This is not a style that I’m usually attracted to, but this image I love. Great. Your processing is wonderful. The small change in the LLC is the finishing touch.


Love this! The soft color palette is wonderful. As others have mentioned, just the right amount of blur/motion. Your repost is even better!

Hardly worth commenting on, but I was kinda wishing the center colors (pink, oranges) were more centered in the presentation. Of course having subjects off-center is often preferred and always a personal preference. Not an issue for sure.

Beautifully seen and captured!