Here Comes The Sun!

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Canon EOS 700D
EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

1/30 sec, f/22, ISO 100, 260mm

This image is another from the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii at sunrise. I wanted the dramatic event showing the sun large in the frame partially behind the clouds which is why I used my long lens… I’d like your thoughts, does this work?


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Jim, it definitely works. Very well done, a great capture. Small nit: the bright light on the sea on the horizon seems slightly crooked, sloping downward toward the right.

I’m enjoying this one Jim; that’s a beautiful shade of red. I’m curious about the f/22 and slower shutter speed with a telephoto. Did you need the f/22 for depth of field?

This one is not working so much for me, it looks underexposed in places, and I’m just not finding the foreground to be that appealing, and the foreground detracts the sunrise. Just my $.02.

Ed, I appreciate your candor. Your take is meaningful to me, if I wanted continuous ‘atta-boys’ I wouldn’t be here…LOL.

These critiques give me an idea what works and what doesn’t. So valuable for me.

I figure it’s about the red sky and rising sun. The colors are for the most part accurate per what I saw. What about this version?



I think a great capture of the rising sun and it works beautifully peeking out from behind the clouds; makes for a more dynamic sunrise.

The disconnect for me is the ocean. The ribbon of orange in the water seems like it’s coming from a different image. sure, I get the connection between the red sky and the colors reflecting in the water. Not sure if I can explain it, but most of the time it’s the light from a dominating sun that would create reflecting lines of color. Here, the color I’m assuming is reflecting from the sky, not the sun. I’m probably not making sense.

Hard for me to judge really since I don’t have the advantage of having witness the scene.


Lon, were you looking at my repost farther down the page?

Thank you sir!

Lon, would you mind taking one last look at my last post of this. I left the ocean out of the scene. I really want to get this nailed down. Thanks much! Jim