Herring Point Sunset

This is from a recent two day trip to Cape Henlopen SP; which happens to be my favorite SP in DE. The weather wasn’t the greatest during our stay so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had some images which I rather liked.

It was a pleasant evening so I went with a 2.5 second exposure to smooth out the water a little as I thought that would enhance the serene mood. There was a little warm color in the sky which I thought contrasted rather nicely with the blues and cyans in the scene. I myself don’t mind the cooler tones because it was after sunset. I did take some cyan out, but I thought I would see what you folks thought.

As always thanks for taking a moment to leave a thought.

Specific Feedback Requested

All C&C welcome. Oops, I almost forgot. What do you think about the birds, leave them or clone them out?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 35mm, f 13 @ 2.5 sec, ISO 100, cable release & tripod


A smooth and pretty sunset, Ed. The light reflecting in the wet sand is very nice, and the curvy line at water’s edge leads me right to that nice pink sky. Very peaceful, and well captured!

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Ed, I’m in the gentle waves with you as you took the shot. The pinks and blues are gorgeous and I’m really loving the light on the beach.

I might consider another version with a little less sky. The birds were hard to spot, but now I’ve seen them I can’t unsee them. The choice is yours, but I feel they draw me into the scene from the beach to the waves.

A beautiful image to explore!

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I never clone out anything and the birds really don’t bother me in the slightest. It might even add a little because you can’t see what they are and you could imagine them being little dogs or rocks even. I do like the suggestsion of cropping some off the top just above the last pink colour. Apart from that beautiful colours and I love the smooth transitions of them in the water. Nice shot!

Grt, Ingrid.

Ed, this is a really nice ocean scene, peaceful, calm and serene. I am not really seeing the birds, unless they are the dark bits on the sand, which I would be inclined to take out, but not a biggie either way. Looks quite good.

This is beautifully peaceful, Ed. The pink to blue transition and the misty swash are nicely dreamy. The colors look right. The birds are a fun bit, that may need familiarity with the eastern shores to understand.

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Ed, for someone who usually ikes to process his images with a warm WB, I think you made a great choice to “chill out” on this one. The cooler colors here create a wonderful mood. The color on the wet sand just looks gorgeous. And the shutter speed creates a nice frothy look in the surf.

I agree with @glennie that I could see a crop from the top, I think it would make the pink sky look stronger, and more of a pano aspect ratio would work very well with the strong horizontal lines in the image. Regarding the birds, well to me they sort of look like dust spots, so adios…

This is my favorite of yours from the trip, Ed. Those pastel colors are exquisite. Did you take any with your tele?

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Lovely color and mood Ed. I agree with Glennie and Ed on cropping the top of the sky. It really does accentuate the pink.

Forgot to say I agree with the others about sky crop. :vulcan_salute:

Being a fun of minimalist compositions, I love what you managed to do here Ed… You kept it simple, framed it excellently, and let the light do it’s magic. Everything works really well, so kudos :clap:

Oh Wow! I’m just loving the look and feel this image has, Ed. Beautiful color and the 2.5 second exposure worked out great for a special mood. I’m fine with the birds.

Sorry I took so long to reply to everyone @Mark_Muller, @glennie, @Ingrid_Vekemans, @Harley_Goldman, @Ed_McGuirk, @Michael_Lowe, @Eva_McDermott, @Nikos and @Nick_Bristol who took the time to stop and comment as I was busy working on a few things at the house. I do like the crop suggestion and here is a repost with that in mind. If I ever make a print I will get rid of the birds.

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Hi Ed! It’s a very nice, calming scene. I actually think the birds add to the end of day feeling. Just enjoying the sunset before bed and unwinding at the end of a busy day.

Yes, better to me!