HEY! I want some light too!

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This new bud was peaking out under another one as if to say “I’m here too, I need light, move over!” I shot this with my 90mm macro and Sony. I don’t recall the settings, and I’m downloading from my iPad, so I don’t believe i have the settings.

Technical Details



Judi, your comp. does a good job of showing the new bud peeking out. Yes, a more conventional treatment would be to crop to square or 4x5 removing the dark area at the bottom. This view does a good job of contrasting the colors and brightness of the bud and flower with the dark tones lower down, adding some drama to the view.

Judi, I agree with Mark the sot should be square. I would like to have seen more of the top flower and less of the bottom dark space, Crop putting the bud lower in the frame. nice shot either way, Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback! I see what you are saying. I also wish I had more of the top part of the flower, but…i was shooting macro and so I went in tight. I should have looked at other angles. Lesson learned. :slight_smile: Thanks again

Thank you! How do I add another image to this thread of the flower, cropped? Thank you.

sorry but im not sure

Here is a link that has the answer to your question about adding another image. You need to scroll down to the section titled “Posting a Revised Version of Your Image”. (You go to your post and select the pencil to edit it. You select the Up Arrow icon to add another image. I hope this helps!)

Thank you! It did help!