Hoh Rain forest

The Hoh Rain forest. What do you think about the Crop? To much editing? All opinions and critiques are very much appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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This has to be viewed large to appreciate the lush green details in the rain forest, Blake. The lighting is exquisite and I like the pano format as it helps to emphasize the moss covered limbs . My only suggestion would be just a slight increase in the saturation. That is more a personal preference not a criticism. Either way this is lovely.

I like that the greens are not very saturated; it goes with the misty look. And I think the tonal balance is excellent. My only attempt at this shot has too much contrast. I need to work on it one of these days to correct that.

OMG, this is superb. You guys are shooting some great images. The bar has definitely been raised since NPN 1.0.

This is just an incredible composition. The trunks, the passages to the back, the delicate ivy draped here and there. This is a super image. I need to visit this place, pronto.

Great photo! The crop works for me. I think the composition is quite brilliant, since getting a good composition in a forest is so difficult. Well done. My only nit is the bright spot. I would darken it; if it goes too grey and you are Photoshop savvy, create a new layer, use the color picker to choose a dark green part of the photo, change blending mode to Soft Light and paint to desired endpoint with a soft brush at 5% Opacity.


This is outstanding! I think most would agree how difficult it is attempting the tame the chaos and create a cohesive composition. Well, you have most certainly created a beautiful comp from the chaos of the rain forest. I think the pano format is key to the success here.

Already mentioned, but also appreciated taming the color/saturation. Plenty of lee-way in interpreting the color/sat, but I think you’ve processed this beautifully. The bit of mist in the bg is effective here and I don’t mind the brighter area.


This is a really fine image, Blake. Very well composed with the bright area between the tree limbs providing a great focal point. This is beautiful as presented but would also work well cropped into a 2:3 ratio.

I keep looking at this. The panoramic format makes this an epic personal image. It shows a small portion of the forest in an epic way. Am I wrong? That’s a really different approach and a very difficult find I would imagine.

This does a great job of capturing the feeling of the rainforest. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Super Blake. I think this is the only way you could crop it. Any other way would crop out those branches. I also agree with @Ed_Lowe to a certain degree. Personally I would probably either “give more light” to the edges of the main tree where the light is hitting it. Whether it be done by increasing brightness/saturation or whatever tool you would use. Not much because it would effect the overall feel of the picture. I also think the “bright” center light is needed to draw the eye through.

Beautiful lush green forest with lots of rich detail and a primordial atmosphere. No suggestions here. Very enjoyable.

Blake, using a panoramic aspect ratio for this scene was a great idea. Usually the images you see from the Hoh are very intimate scenes, this pano shot makes the rainforest look as impressive as it appears when you are actually there. Great work…

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Thanks guys, extremely helpful as always :beers::beers::beers:

@Greg_Stokesbury Hey Greg, nice to see you on here!

Likewise Blake. I hadn’t even heard about NPN until a recent photo trip when everyone was talking about it.

As others have said, this is superb! I love how there are so many distinguishable elements in the frame - as in, it doesn’t just all blur into one green mess. This is difficult to accomplish so well done!

It’s a matter of opinion because it’s great as is, but I think you could make use of the foggy conditions better and keep/add a bit more atmosphere and depth, the trunks are just a bit too contrasty for me.

Blake, Absolutely love this image! Really a beautiful job of capturing and processing this wonderful image. Magical.

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I have nothing new to say here - this image is very very well done. I try to avoid panos generally, but sometimes they are just the way to go. It can be tough to have a meaningful composition with a pano, but you certainly did it here.

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Looks great!

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@Nick_Bristol @Brent_Clark @Tony_Kuyper Thanks guys, you feedback is very much appreciated!