Holding On #2

I’m quite taken by how plants can hold sand dunes together, and how even the smallest twig will persist in the blowing sands. My intent is to show this in an artistic way.

What technical/artistic feedback would you like if any?

Anything that strikes you.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single frame; Sony a7, 24-105 @ 37mm, f/16, 1/60s, ISO 1000, hand held.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.!

Bonnie, this image is superb in my view. The sand alone is beautiful, with so many slightly different hues and such great texture. The gnarled nature of the twig is great, and the leaves bring out such a juxtaposition the otherwise lifeless scene. I’m really glad you chose to leave this as a color image instead of converting it to B&W. It would probably look fine as a B&W, but I think color is definitely the way to go. Excellent effort.

Hi @Bonnie_Lampley

Very interesting image, the texture of the sand is amazing, reminds me the very high ISO film grain. Saying that and as @Bill_Chambers said I also think black and white would create a better looking image, especially with the effect of the texture, but it would loose those great subtle blues and greens of the flowers.
In composition I would maybe put the flower on the first lower third and extend the waves of sand uppeward, but the trail of waves does an amazing job leading the eyes to the main subject.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful shot, cheers.

João Ferrão

I love the march of the wave of sand; then, oops, there’s a plant in my way. Really nice composition. The tones and detail give me a thrill.


Lovely image Bonnie! It has strong graphics and is compelling for its subtle tones and colors. For all it’s simplicity, I’ve spent a lot of time studying it and enjoying every minute.

Bonnie, this is a fine view that tells an important story. The variety of ridges in the sand keep everything interesting and the plant really stands out. Pretty amazing that it is the reason for the series of larger ridges.

Beautiful, evocative image, Bonnie. Wonderful composition, and great shapes and textures in the sand. I might play with adding a slight vignette to darken the edges but otherwise looks great.

Very interesting composition, Bonnie. These things have evolved the ability to cling tenaciously. I agree with @Bill_Chambers about the color version. The limited color tones come through nicely here. I really like the diagonal framing and somewhat indirect lighting. Dunes can make for fun and simple abstracts, and easy to do so long as dreaded human footprints can be avoided.

Lovely image with the detail, great composition and different shades of browns… The well fitting green touch totally concince me this is an image for colour capture.
Grt, Ingrid.

Just magical, Bonnie ! This works on different levels for me - as a record of a natural phenomenon and as an abstract ( Aaron Siskind comes to mind, if you are familiar with his work ). A truly impressive image.

Bonnie - and you’ve succeeded in your goal! Wonderfully seen and crafted. I love the bronzy tones and of course the ripples are wonderful. Contrast/shadows, texture, detail, all fabulous. Of course the little plant seals the deal. Yes, it’s quite amazing how life happens in the dunes.

Great work!


Thank you all for the comments - very appreciated. @Lon_Overacker, @Bill_Chambers, @João_Ferrão, @Chris_Percival, @Hank_Pennington, @Mark_Seaver, @Dave_Dillemuth, @Bill_Leggett, @Ingrid_Vekemans, and @Ian_Wolfenden.

@Ian_Wolfenden, how did I not know about Aaron Siskind?! Thank you for the reference.

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I don’t know how you’d do that. Perhaps ask an admin.

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