Ripples & Shadows

Wandering the dunes at MacKerricher State Park in Mendocino County. The dunes aren’t very tall, so you don’t get so many large, dramatic shapes and shadows. There are plenty of small plants, ripples, and animal tracks, though. The curve of the plants and the way their shadows crossed the ripples caught my eye here.

What technical feedback would you like if any? What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Are there any odd color casts? Any other comments welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

a7r3, 24-105@30mm, f/16, 1/60s, ISO400, hand held.

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#ig @bonnie_lampley


Another one out of the park, as far as I’m concerned, Bonnie. It is so visually compelling. It’s not just the shadows of the ripples but the way the shadows of the flora dramatically cross over creating a meta pattern. And then there’s the archipelago of growth and how that both intrudes and integrates with the overall pattern of windblown sand. It’s what human architects have been trying to figure out how to do since Frank Lloyd Wright and that gang took a stab at it. I think that the apse (half circle) shape is archetypal. It is the same shape that appears in the built forms at Chaco Canyon and other ancient North American ruins. The hint of animal tracks just adds to the mystery and delight. Beautifully seen and executed.

Lots of interesting stuff going on here. Textures, criss crossing patterns, lighting. Nice

Bonnie, @Kerry_Gordon said it best. I totally agree with his comment. Very nicely seen and captured.

Simply stunning Bonnie, it’s one of my favorites from you. It has gorgeous light, and I just love the crisscrossing patterns of the plant shadows and the sand ripples. This is first class work all the way around. :+1: :+1:

Thank you, @Kerry_Gordon, @Michael_Lowe, @linda_mellor, and @Ed_McGuirk, for your appreciations.

Love the composition. At first, I thought those were hands and skeletons until I looked closer. I love how sand can do this.

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I find this photo to be very dynamic with lots of movement throughout. I like the juxtaposition of the straight lines of the plant shadows across the curving lines in the sand. The arc of tiny green plants is a good focal point.

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Great shot here, Bonnie. Love the composition and the slight diagonals . Lovely color also.

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