Hooded Merganser

Shasta County, Ca
Found a cooperative pair of hoodies in a local irrigation canal. Steeper angle than I would have liked, but it works for reflections.
7D2, 500/F4+1.4, F8, 1/250, ISO 800, beanbag. Thanks for any comments or suggestions, Dave

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This is excellent, David, and it’s nice and level. Maybe just me, but I think I’d prefer just hair more room behind him. Details and exposure look fine. I completely agree that a higher POV makes for more pleasing reflections, and also elliptical pooling is much more pleasing. It is my considered opinion that far too many photographers put too much stock in extreme low angles, because in so many circumstances it’s difficult logistically and physically to get a lower POV, and what’s worse, it often ruins the shot. For me that’s a diminished return.

Very beautiful shot. Love the colors and the reflection. It could just be my eyes, but it seems like there is just a tiny bit of haze on the shot.