House of Rain

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This photo was taken on the north rim of the Grand Canyon after a night of heavy rain allowed fog to form within the canyon. I admired how the fog flowed between light and shadow, creating a blend of warm and cool tones.

Specific Feedback

Any, it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes.

Technical Details

560 mm… can’t remember the rest :slight_smile:

Wonderful scene, with the fog/mist rolling through the dramatic rocks. I wonder about a version with lower contrast, though – that would seem to me to fit the mist better. The darks in the LR corner feel heavy – they are not crushed but the histogram falls off steeply there – and I long to see a bit more detail in the brightest areas of the mist.


Love the atmospheric drama here with the clouds/mist AND the influence of the sun/light. In fact I’m really enjoying the clouds having both the warm and cool tones - based on whether or not the sun’s rays are touching, or the clouds are in shadow. Very cool mix of tones and colors.

I agree somewhat with Diane and the comment on contrast -but for me I would only selective work on the rock feature in the LRC area; a little dark and contrasty. However, I’m quite enjoying the contrast of light/dark, warm/cool tones of the rest of the image.

I can imagine all the other possibilities you experienced, especially if this is at 560mm! Can only imagine the 100mm view - or 35mm viewpoint!

Thanks for posting!


That’s a treat the way the fog is mixing with the canyon wall, and the golden light it is catching add beauty. I think @Diane_Miller’s idea of bringing up those deepest shadows would make this even better.

@Lon_Overacker @John_Williams @Diane_Miller Thank you, everyone, for your comments. Regarding the lower right (LR) corner, I have two reasons for making it darker, and I’d like to explain why.

  1. At 560mm, this scene is quite compressed. In fact, the lower right corner is nearly 3 miles closer than the top right. Because of this, I found that adjusting the levels of black was crucial in highlighting the dramatic depth. The lower right corner is approximately 80% black, the middle is at 60% black, and the back left is at 40% black, decreasing by around 20% per mile.

    Imaging above shows my use of level of blacks

  2. The second reason for darkening the lower right corner is to address a distracting element that I wanted to conceal, simplifying the scene and maintaining focus on the fog and rocks. When lifting the shadows, there’s a bald spot in the trees, and within that area, there’s a noticeable patch of red dirt

That’s a impressive distance! I misspoke about the contrast – I should have said in the mist and the dark LR corner. I was thinking to get more detail in the mist. Here’s a quick comparison, with the original to toggle back and forth. I did a quick mask of the red dirt area and desaturated red and magenta there, so didn’t have the limitation of needing to darken it so much. I reduced contrast there and lightened the darkest tones just a bit. Much better done in raw.

And the original:

I really love this image Trevor, its contrasts, colors, shapes all enhanced by the fog. Lon and Diane have said all that can be said. I just want to tell you how mach I love this photo.