I Can Take 'Em, Dad

The other evening, my wife had our Siamese out in the back yard and the deer that hang out in our area came through. For awhile, she was actually amongst them, but she decided to exercise an unusual degree of discretion and move off. That was when my wife called me to come and bring a camera. This was the result. Not fantastic as I couldn’t get all the players in good focus, but it was fun.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I removed on deer on the left behind the main character as it was looking the other way and messed up the composition. Did I leave any horrible indications of the removal?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does this work, or is there too much separation between the deer and the cat?

Any pertinent technical details:

7DII, Sigma 150-600 C @ 160 mm, hand held, f/7.1 (I should have stopped down quite a bit), 1/2500, iso 2000, aperture priority, spot metering. Processed in LR & PS CC.

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Hi Dennis, this is a fun shot - the big stare down. I think you did a good job removing the deer. Focus is good - right on the front deer. Not sure I would have noticed the cat right away while browsing the photo if it wasn’t for the title.


I wouldn’t have known a deer was missing if you hadn’t fessed up Dennis.

As for “Does it work?” Oh yeah. And how.

Siamese are my favorite cats by miles because they can be so uncatlike, if I can coin a term. I’ve been owned by several over the years and I mark the few periods without as drab eras. I wouldn’t have been surprised if yours made a full-on assault on the interlopers. Siamese just know they’re in charge of the world, and that comes through clearly here.