I Saw You Through a Fence

A friendly, curious horse that I saw on my bike ride.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, ISO 100, f/32, 1/8, 300mm, slight upward camera movement and tried to focus on eye, the horse was walking slowly. Did a vintage brownish filter and vignette.

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I think this is a fascinating image! I love the subtle detail on the body and the sweeping shapes of the grasses superimposed on the horse. For me, however, the bright shape of the exposure above the body is a distraction. I would clone over the top edge with a low opacity brush to soften it. I would probably distort the image to make the vertical lines vertical, so they are less of a distraction and I’d remove some of the canvas on the right to move the horse just slightly right of center.

Hi Diane, I agree with needing to tone down the brightness on the back, it was harsh sun and a white horse, bad combo! I don’t think I like the straight fence or the crop, but I did it how I think you meant, any thoughts?….

NO!! You destroyed the gorgeous tonalities on the horse by doing a global adjustment to low contrast. I suggested a soft low-opacity clone of the top edge of the white area above the horse.

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Ok @Diane_Miller I’ll have to go back in when I get a chance and try that. It looks much better with the cloning on the top. I still though like the fence as it originally was, I think it adds to the motion. Thanks for looking and your feedback!

The fence and crop are certainly artist’s choice. Just tossing out my take.

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Thanks @Diane_Miller I always appreciate getting other opinions, I like how everyone adds something different and also helps me to improve!

Vanessa, there’s a nice “grab shot” on a warm sunny day feeling about this view.

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Thanks @Mark_Seaver , I think your description is spot on! When I saw how it came out it made me think of an old time film camera photo that you didn’t mean to move when you took the shot!