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Sheets of ice in saltwater in Puget Sound. Not sure if this qualifies. This was the scene yesterday morning after we had a foot of snow, a rarity in itself. This is a color image.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ice oh 560, 24-120 at 65 mm, F5 .6, 1000th, D850, handheld, full frame

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David, getting ice on salty water is a rare feat. The fact that this is the color version also stands out. It’s a lovely scene with all of the falling snow, the floating ice and the details in the trees. I’ve moved it because I don’t think there’s enough ice to qualify for this week’s challenge. This would make a fine print.


The falling snow really makes this one stand out for me; it really adds another dimension, almost a 3D look, but also adds another element of winter, storms, etc.

I could see elevating the luminosity a bit as there’s quite a bit of middle grey - but then again, it is snowing and from what I gather quite bluster conditions.