Ice Trail Crop 1

It was too cold for very many people to be on the trail this early.

Specific Feedback Requested

Which (if any) crop do you prefer?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 24-105mm @ 60mm, f/16, 1/60 sec, iso 800

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Hm…I like the first crop, but taking a bit off the right and leaving the bright smaller, sort of leading patch on the left could work, too. These kinds of abstracts are so hard to crop. Well seen and I’m glad no one put a foot in it. You could have a go at playing up the contrasts and contours in the ice with some luminosity masking and some brush work. It could be a lot of fun.

This is a fascinating abstract, Don. At first I thought it was a drone shot of a playground somewhere. The upper left look like swings or teeter-totters. I think the first version gives it a better sense of place, while the second focuses more on the abstract nature. In either case, well seen and well captured.

Wonderful that you spotted this – it is fascinating! I prefer the first crop as there is a bit more framing effect and the wider format works better with the lines of the subject. I like that you got all of it sharp.

Very cool! I love all the graceful curves punctuated by the sticks and pebbles. Of the two versions, I prefer the first, wider view. Did you try closer versions, picking out just parts of the scene? I’m thinking more abstract-ish, not showing any of the surrounding soil. Something like this, maybe, or that interesting shape in the lower left:


Thank you for your helpful comments. Although I did increase the contrast in post, I didn’t go far enough. My repost has the additional contrast and I cropped vertical for another image (Thanks Bonnie).


Don, great find! Fascinating details - the kind that often get overlooked, so kudos for recognizing this was worth of photographing!

The best news here is that this is one of those subjects where there are so many options - crops… deciding which details you want focus on, closeup/macro perspective, or a wider mini landscape. No wrong answers here.

With that, I prefer your cropped version in original post. I like both actually and see the attraction of others for the first version. to me, and this is quite minor and subjective… my self-appointed rule is, “If you’re going to cut something off… do it on purpose…” ie. the mix of frozen and sandy soil on left/right edges of the image are nice and supportive detail, but on the right is partially cut off (yeah, you had to draw the line somewhere…) and for this reason alone, I like the cropped version because I know the crop was intentional - and the focus is on the main features - surrounded by the medium brown ring.

I also like where Bonnie was going getting in even tighter - there’s just a ton of interest here. Like I said, no wrong idea here.

My only suggestion really also goes along a bit with Bonnie’s version - and that’s the luminosity. Not so much contrast, but to my eye your first 2 originals look like they’re a 1/2 stop under; in other words the icy details should be more white, less gray. but that’s minor as well.

Great stuff!

I think I like your latest crop the best. It’s also a bit lighter as well. My second choice would be your very original crop. The image has a science fiction look to it for me. There’s an alien feel to it.