In camera settings of picture styles

In camera settings of picture styles

I am setting up my camera and wondering what in camera picture styles a lot of you use. Do you use the default " Standard", neutral, vivid, etc. Or do you just handle everything in post processing.
Thanks for your input.


I set everything in my cameras to 0 basically since I want to have the freshest RAW file possible for when I start post-processing.

I’ve also tried some of the Fujifilm styles in camera and find them too cartoonish looking to be of use.

The picture styles do nothing to the raw file, only the jpeg that shows up on your LCD, so it could be argued that it doesn’t matter if you shoot in raw, but the picture styles will affect your histogram. If you shoot the same shot with the same settings with a picture style of say Landscape vs. Neutral, your shadows and highlights will show clipped with high contrast scenes where the neutral may show that it’s in range. Neutral will give you a better representation of what is in the raw file, myself I leave it on Standard because it looks better and makes me want to keep shooting :smile:

Thank you for answering my question. I have never changed any settings but wondered if I should try something different. I will just leave mine in Standard.

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