In Mother's Arms

Alt Crop

A baby three-toed sloth cradled (and sleeping) in its mother’s arms shielding it from a downpour. I really liked the way it tucked its arm over its legs while it slept. was lucky to spend over a week with this pair and will post some more images in the coming weeks.

Specific Feedback Requested

This was a bit tricky to expose as there is quite a lot of contrast so it was (and remains) a bit hard to nail the balance between details in the shadows and overdoing the noise so it would be nice to get feedback on whether it feels balanced and natural looking in that regard. I also included two crops, one that is cleaner, and the second that emphasizes more the mom’s arm.

Technical Details


Hi Dvir, really nice capture of an intimate moment. I like the first version the best as I don’t think the green on top adds to the image and for me the stray leaf on the left is lessened somewhat. The title really helps tell the story. Details and exposure look fine to me. Well done.

This photo is on the verge of greatness, IMO.

To me, you absolutely sacrifice displaying the full body of the baby in order to eliminate all the distracting greens. In other words, crop from the left in the first version (and perhaps a tick off the bottom to get the baby centered vertically). You then have a consistent palette filled with fantastic textures and almost an abstract quality with the baby blending into the mother’s embrace. I truly believe that with that small change this becomes perhaps the strongest image I’ve seen you share here on NPN.

I saw this image and wanted to spend some more time with it but perhaps forgot.
I agree with @Max_Waugh

I’m leaning towards first image, may prefer to crop out the greens or still better desaturate the greens.
On the upper part of frame, there is some green cast too, which needs to be removed.
Congrats on EP !

Cheers :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I liked this the moment I saw it, even more so as I had to think for a moment to figure out what it is (I like to look at the image before I read anything). As others have mentioned the greens in the leaves are distracting, so I also vote for the first, tighter crop.
I like this as a square image so it would be hard to crop out the leave on the left without sacrificing too much of the baby sloth. I’d try what it looks like though. Another way to go might be a black and white conversion to bring out the structure in the hair more. This could also open up possibilities to lower the impact of the leave on the left by darkening it.
OverallI think this is a strong image that very much speaks to me.