This could be the same grouping as the other forest floor shot, but maybe not. There were a few little bits of that birch branch (or sapling) in this bit of trail and I shot a couple of them since the light was so great. I put this one together based on that strong diagonal and the one leaf over the center.

Specific Feedback Requested

Useful CC welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr processed for a bit of a crop, exposure & white & black point adjustments, added clarity & texture and worked with brushes and gradients to manage a lot of highlight and shadow detail as well as color management - especially on the log itself. Experimented with painting clarity into just the midtones to make them pop without increasing their exposure. Then into Ps for some distraction removal and simplification of the details. Also a color mask in TK8 to improve some of the separation in the yellows and make them a tiny bit more obvious.

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Kristen, I love the simplicity of your image. Well composed and processed.

I actually like this one better, Kris. I like the diagonal composition and the sidelight. The leaf on the branch is perfect. Well done.

Thanks @Ben_van_der_Sande & @David_Bostock - these little slices stop me in my tracks sometimes and I just have to play for a while.

While both images are good, I like this one better. I love how the light in this image really brings out the texture and colors in the leaves. The warm colors have a nice richness to them as well, you handled color beautifully here. This image works great for me Kris. And with textures like that in the leaves, I suspect this would also work pretty well as a high contrast B&W image, you may want to give that a whirl too.

I like how you showed your Exif data, how did you do that ?

Thanks @Ed_McGuirk - I thought it came out rather well. Trying to have a light touch with all my adjustments and the new things in Lightroom, while not all that new, bring added focus to this type of editing. Like the TK masks and tools do in Photoshop.

In the new version of Lightroom (11) you can change what is included in the Default Metadata view. In Library mode, open the Metadata panel and select Default if it isn’t already your standard view. Then click Customize at the bottom. This opens up a long list of check boxes; select the ones you want to show in this view. Then along the bottom you’ll see another section called Arrange. This lets you drag and drop the items you’ve just chosen into whatever order you want. Save and close.

Windows has a Snipping tool that lets you do whole screen shots or just pieces - a snip. So I snip the EXIF data in my Default Metadata view and right mouse click to copy the image. Then in part 2 of posting I paste the image (Ctrl-V) into the Technical info section of the NPN form. Voila - the snipped image is in my post. Saves me a lot of typing and I don’t have to save any of the snipped images locally. Once they’re loaded up to NPN I can do another one or close Snipping tool altogether.

Make sense?

Thanks, yes it does. I just installed the new version of LR today, and hadn’t seen the new way to show metadata. That is a nice technique to know for easily showing Exif here at NPN.

This is just simply elegant, with wonderful hints of blue on the branch. Very well seen and processed!

I find it handy.

Thanks much, @Diane_Miller - I took down the blue on the branch quite a bit, but left some and I’m glad you noticed it. The lighter processing touch can be difficult to see, especially on the web with so many monitor variations.

Oh, what a strong diagonal. I really like how it is tamed by the leaf over the trunk. There is some watercolor feel to it and I love it!