'Io (Hawaiian Hawk)

Another endangered endemic species on the Big Island only. These two and another flew over the place where I was staying. Shot mid afternoon in somewhat hazy conditiions and almost into the sun. Wish they were closer. I did see one at Hakalau but it was too fast for me…

Regarding access to Hakalau NWR: exceedingly difficult to get in there. Four wheel drive, not all wheel drive, and really good ground clearance is a must. It is also well regulated. Several locked gates are an impediment and only the guides have the key. And there are only so many permits issued each year. Requires over an hour drive in each direction over changing horrendous dirt roads.

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I can certainly see the difference between the two crops, David. I think there must be a pair that hangs out in that area. The last time we were there, we saw one on a wire across the road just about where the trail goes down to the Cook Memorial.