Joyce Kilmer Mossy Tree

Original full color version

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I find the isolation of a subject particularly challenging in woodland photography. I really liked this mossy tree, I felt like I wanted to make the moss pop more so I really isolated it from a monochrome background which I like, wondering what you think. Looking at this now that log coming in from the right side needs to go though I find it less distracting the in the green photo. Thanks for your comments.

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Technical Details

Canon 40D, 10mm, f13, 1/6 sec.

I really like the grain of the wood running up the tree in this image Christopher. You’re absolutely right, it is difficult to isolate this kind of subject in a busy forest setting. I actually like the colorized version better than the monochrome. I think the sky is too bright and really takes away the impact of the great tree though.

Cool composition with the close up and then the line of the trunk leading into the frame. I think the bright green of the moss helps isolate the subject pretty well, even in the color version, which I slightly prefer. In fact, I might try a combo between the two versions with the non-green slightly desaturated but not fully B&W. I agree with @Ed_Williams that the sky is relatively bright so another idea is to try cropping to remove the sky entirely. But overall compelling shot!