Mossy Tree in Winters

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was on a boat tour when I came across this tree (among hundreds others). I liked its structure and lighting and deciding to shoot up (from water)

Specific Feedback

I am learning fine art (not academically) and looking to get better at it via critiques and other reading materials. Would love to know how people perceive this image and any shortcomings or improvements you may have in terms of editing or composing.

Technical Details

Handheld, shot with GFX 100 II, at 32mm (Medium format focal length).

Hi Abbas. I like the angle you shot this from and it has really interesting form to me. Have you played with a black and white version? I think it might be even more interesting in that way, particularly with the plain background.

I think you might get more comments on this if it were in one of the more mainstream nature forums on the site, like Landscape or Flora. If you’d like, I’ll move it for you.

thanks for your feedback. Yes, please feel free to move it appropriately.

Hi Abbas, and welcome to Landscape! I think this one snuck by with the transfer from the other forum; sorry you haven’t received any additional comments yet!

That’s a wonderful tree! The twists and turns of the trunk/branches are attractive lines, I love the touches of moss and the fruit (are those cones?). This reminds me of the old Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I had two thoughts viewing this. First is a tiny nit that some of the branches (from a different tree) are out of focus. If you wanted to clean that a little, you could clone out that small bunch in the lower left corner. Again though, not a big deal.

The other idea that crossed my mind was to play with separating the tree more from the sky, so that it pops out a bit more. I think there are multiple ways to do that; I played with darkening the sky (and adding a touch of contrast to the tree) and also with converting it to black and white using the blue channel. Both were interesting alternatives. Maybe not better, but interesting options.

Hi Abbas! I’m traveling and haven’t had access until now. I’m also sorry for the lack of response. That happens once in a while.

I also like your tree shot. Like John said, “the twists and turns of the trunk/branches are attractive lines.” I agree that it could use a little separation from the sky. I don’t have the ability to download it to try any changes myself, but I’m wondering if the white balance and/or saturation could use modest edits. I assume the hanging moss should be more green and the sky could use a color boost.