Jug Handle Mountain Broods

What makes this image expressive?

This is an iconic mountain in our little valley. I have many images of it, and my favorites are like this, moody, weather-full (my word), where I get a sense of its character in the seasons.

Specific Feedback Requested

I did some dodging of the foreground, but wonder if it’s still too dark?


Striking image Connie. I don’t mind the dark foreground as you have it. I would try darkening the sky and the mountain. The highlights look like they may be clipping, I would also remove some of the bushes and fences in the foreground edge. Great comp with the tree in the BR balancing out the mountain peak. Here’s a rough edit.

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Thanks so much Connie, it looks like a great place to live, and I bet you get some weather there. I love the light of the snowy peak shining out of the gloom. Very striking.

I do however feel there is a sense of compositional indecision here. I feel you have consciously composed to get the diagonal of the cloud in the frame, but that has come at the cost of reducing the foreground, which somehow feels reduced.

When you have structures like this, there is a consequence to cropping the frame through them - they feel chopped up. It can create a tension in the image which kind of plays against the intention of your image.

I do love that one lone tree down in the lower right, it glows. I like the image and there really is a lot to like, but I’d probably like a touch more foreground to make it feel a little less crunched at the bottom. You may be best just to close out that structure bottom middle and it’ll help immensely.

Thank you for your thoughts Andre! I really appreciate your time. I still haven’t had the time to really explore this site and the opportunities it presents. My apologies for the late reply - been on the road in the back country! -Connie

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