Jumpin Juniper

I made this image in Sedona this spring. I passed by this tree then doubled back not wanting to pass up the photo. Processing wise, I am open to comments, mainly in the color.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

First I’ll say I really like the shot. Then I’ll say I can’t offer any processing tips since half the time I can never get a photo to look the way I envision it in PS. I will offer one small critique. I wish the bush on the left didn’t merge with the butte or whatever it’s called, but I guess that was unavoidable.

Wade, this tells a nice nature story about the tree in this harsh environment. As to your question, the color looks spot on to me, catching some overcast light from the passing clouds controlled contrast and let the colors come through.

Overall I like the composition, there are a lot of elements here, but they are well organized. I do agree with @Michael_Lowe about one minor nitpick, the merger of the juniper with the butte, i wish this had been shot from a slightly more elevated position, which would have dropped the juniper down slightly. But that is getting very nitpicky, overall this is a very pleasing image.

The color and composition look great to me Wade. You place the juniper perfectly in the frame and it long root is a nice lead in.

I like the composition - particularly the way that you have framed the background butte between the two trees. The juniper adds a lot of interest to the image. Your processing looks mostly good to me. A couple of things that I would consider would be to back off of the brightest highlights in the clouds - especially in the area just above and to the left of the butte. I would also consider adding some contrast in the juniper trunk - especially in the brighter curved area. The color looks natural to my eye.

Wade, you obviously had a good eye for finding this scene, having taken great care to get the framing just right. In fact, its my view that really well planned compositions can be a rarity. In this you have all the key components, without overlaps, nicely balanced and proportioned, including the fascinating juniper, the greenery and the distant land forms. The time twisted juniper is so interesting. You should be proud that here’s an awful lot to admire here, and looks like wonderful light, too.

Thanks guys! It’s always nice to get another pair of eyes, to gain some insight. I appreciate the comments.

I feel that the composition has too much going on in it. I would simplify this to just the tree, or the tree and butte. Simplify. The tree has a great shape so much can be done with it.

The processing of the warm colors looks natural but the blues in the sky are oversaturated for my taste.