Jumping Spider on a fig

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Wanted to do some focus stacking but spider jumped too often. Shot with Canon 5ds-r at f-8, 1/800 sec. and iso 500.


Oh Wayne, one of my favorite subjects. Yes, the Jumping Spider probably isn’t a good subject for stacking. They seem to move some part of their body quite often. I wish I could see his face and eyes better, but yet, I do like that you captured him on the top of this bud, and looking downward, which is a very nice pose. The background really makes both the subject and the bud stand out. Nice details in both.

Thanks Shirley, I’m hoping to post one head on in a later post.

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Wayne, the spider and it’s perch make a good photo. I’m surprised that in the largest view most or all of the spider is blurred.

Pretty cool photo of this subject, it really comes out. Siders are pretty jumpy most of the time

Thanks to all for your review. I’m going to post another with a more head on shot but again, could not focus stack for better clarity overall.