Junco in the Wind

A Dark Eyed Junco on a cloudy and windy day. I like the pink plumage details mirroring the tones on the beak.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the crop too tight?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 500, 500 mm, f8, 500th, D500. ( a lot of 500’s on this line)


I have never seen a Dark Eyed Junco with this pink. Very nice image David.

What a great perch too, David. I tend to clone out spots on beaks (not obvious meal remnants), but that is real nit-picking! Crop looks fine to me.

Adorable David very nice portrait Those pink feathers are special!

What a great shot, David. He sure posed nicely for you. I like how the feathers are ruffled.

Nice portrait! I was struck by the pink feathers too. Nice perch and background. Fine details too. Well done.

There’s even some pinkish hues in the background. Crop looks good. Nice light on the bird and perch. Well done.

Wonderful effect from the wind! Lovely soft light and detail as always. The amount of pink is a nice surprise. I could see a little more room on the right if there isn’t something distracting, but that’s a very small nit.

Very, very nice. The pinkish colors come out extremely well and I love the setting with the branch as well. Nice work, David !