Just another Aspen image +RP

An image from last season that I never posted on NPN. It’s from the Eastern Sierra up McGee Creek. Just a warm up as I will be heading out there in less than 2 weeks. If anyone’s going to be on the east side 10/12-15 drop me a note, would be happy to meet up.

As always, I’m open to all comments, critiques and suggestions. I’m always interested to know if the processing is believable. I like to push just a little, but with a goal of keeping it real. There’s one item I overlooked and will be curious if anyone comments on it.


Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D800E, Nikon 28-300mm @105mm f/11

Edit +Repost. Let’s try this. Wondering how it will work if I edit and ADD the reworked image vs. reposting in a reply. I’m hoping one can then scroll between the two images for comparison. I’ll find out in a minute.

Oh, did a hack clone job in the pine branches. Yup, that was it, and I found it distracting as well. Also, that’s for the feedback on the “flatness” - Although didn’t think it was too flat as I was working on it, but then when you sometimes go back to an image and work in some suggestions, it becomes more obvious. That’s why feedback is so valuable, so Thanks! Let me know if this is an improvement

ok cool. By inserting the rework in to the original post, members can go directly back and forth between the original and repost. Now in this case, the cloning will have an obvious change flipping between the two images and thus get more scrutiny… but I’m just wondering had the repost been the one first posted, would anyone notice the cloning?

@Lon_Overacker , I wish I had Aspen closed to home :blush:
The image is beautiful and although it might be slightly oversaturated I would leave it as you presented.
I really enjoyed looking at all the details and beauties of the colors. Especially the upper left part where the yellow/green leaves create a very nice shade.
I might be wrong but the item you were reffering to could be the dark green pine branch at the bottom and yes, I do think you should clone it because it draws too much attention.
Great Autumn intimate mood!

This is a very beautiful scene. I like how the background trees have such a nice shape to them, and how the tree in the lower right has some contrasting color. I think your saturation is quite good as is, but to me the image feels a little bit flat. I could see using a tone curve to brighten the highlights a bit, and darken the shadows just a hair.

Real Nice, Lon. The composition has nice balance and the aspen trunks look pretty neutral in color. The saturation looks fine to me, but I agree with Ben that the contrast looks a tad flat–not much, though. You might consider reducing the mids just a bit.

The green pine branch center-bottom is a little distracting, but cloning it may be a tough go.

I may not have noticed the cloning, but I much prefer the original. In the other one the aspen trunk appears to come out of nowhere, or be floating in thin air. The darkish “hole” around the trunk does not bother me.

Hi Lon,
The repost processing looks great and a considerable improvement, imo. Except, Im not sure about the clone. I think I might experiment with other techniques (other than cloning) to get the evergreen to blend in better with the background.
I’ll be in the Eastern Sierra thru the 10th - too bad I’ll miss you by a couple of days.

Lon, very nice. I like the repost very much. The first image does seem flat and the scrolling back and forth brings the comparison to an apparent level of appreciation IMO. I guess I’m not seeing the cloning too well here, so, for me it must be just fine.
I find I use the CA command for a lot of repairs / changes over cloning. For me it seems to be better at random change then I do in many cases. Not sure it would be of help here as I again did not pick up on the change between the two in that arena.
EDIT: On a third look I do see the obvious change. I was looking much higher in the upper tree lines at the very top. Maybe some CA & Cloning here would have worked. Regardless, it looks fine to me as reworked.

Nice job on the clone. Big improvement. I am really enjoying the colors and lines of trees. I would not have noticed the clone job without the first post. A nice take on the Sierra color.