Just Another Foggy Woodland Shot

This another image from last Saturday’s excursion on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The larger I view this, the more I like it. Wondering if this type of woodland photography is pleasing to look at as art.

If you don’t like it, please say so.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Anything is ok.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Anything is ok.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single raw image, 40mm, f-4, ISO 100, 1/125 S, Handheld.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bradley, I think this is very very pleasing to look at. The vertical trunks combined with the V’s are very pleasing to look at because they are repeated all across the frame. I also enjoy the brighter middle part of the image. I feel like it could be graduated a little more to the URC but it’s not a big deal. I would consider burning that bright clump of leaves on the LLC. Very successful image in my book.

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Beautiful and moody. No suggestions here. A real nice image.

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Works for me. The mist is great at giving some nice separation from FG to BG. It might be my monitor but I don’t see the leaves @Adhika_Lie is referring to. Nice shot.

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It does have an artistic feel to it. Fog and trees is always a great subject and one that I think resonates with a lot of people.

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Love this shot! The decision to exclude the stumps really works in this one. Great find with some character in the branches to add to the interest of the image. Well done!

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Absolutely. Love this one Bradley. Sorry I missed commenting on your previous post, but I like this one much better anyway… :wink: The glow and luminosity here mix beautifully with the randomness and chaos of the tree trunks and branches.

You know that feeling when you think or say to yourself, “This is really cool, but I wouldn’t want to be hear when it gets dark…” ? :laughing:

One very small suggestion. I would burn or otherwise mitigate the end of the branch in the LLC; maybe crop/shave off the left or just paint/burn it down a little. Very minor, but my eye went there.

Great image, the fog is just right.


I like this image very much as well. I really like how that tree on the left seems to come forward, almost glow. That corner seems particularly dark to me but the lighter branches make up for it. I might lighten the very lowest branch a tad and see if it helps and doesn’t start to look contrived.

The moodiness and light are wonderful here Bradley.