Keeping Warm

This image is from my most recent visit to Yellowstone (last month). It’s a bit messy, but the scene spoke to me, as it exemplifies the harsh wildness of the park interior, which we explored on a private snow coach during my tour. I could wish for better bison placement, or more even branch distribution… but the chaos here is appealing. My favorite part may be actually the bits of snow flying through the sky above the steam. :wink:

The bison that are brave enough to stay in the Yellowstone interior through winter will often hang out near thermal areas, where the snow pack is lower and grazing is easier. They pay a price, however, as the minerals that leech into the grass can wear down their teeth faster, thus lowering their life expectancy.

Canon R6
Canon 17-40mm
ISO 400



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I love the perspective of your photo! How the Bison are framed by the trees. Looking up at them on the ridge and looking up at the big sky! It makes me want to hike through the trees and get a closer look!

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Hi Max, I’ve been to Yellowstone in the warmer season but I hear its extra special in the winter. I wish to return just to see the wolves. The falling snow above the steam is indeed interesting as well as the bison framed by the trees, but I would probably wish they had played a more prominent part in the whole scene. Your composition certainly speaks to the challenging environment they live in.

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Max, this looks good in b&w, with the snow flakes a fine extra. Without the Bison, this could be lots of places, so they’re important for making it Yellowstone.

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Its a dramatic winter landscape but the bison are what makes it special, Max! The snow fall also adds to the scene. B&w really brings out the contrast of a bright winter day and works well for this scene. Good choice for the challenge!

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Thank you, all. So much that could be better about this shot, but I did feel it was fitting for the challenge and I’m glad you were able to pick out something you liked.

Mark, you have an excellent point. I do wish the bison had been either slightly more prominent or better-placed, but they are at least recognizable, which instantly lets the viewer know where this is.